Supplemental Data on MCA-5J11, Monoclonal Antibody to all six actin isotypes

Our mouse monoclonal to actin, MCA-5J11, was used to probe western blots on which were run out GST-fusion proteins expressing each of the six human actin proteins expressed in bacteria. As illustrated below, our antibody stained all six proteins, and we therefore conclude that this antibody is a panspecific actin antibody.

Legend: Six GST-fusion proteins were run out on SDS-PAGE and transferred to nitrocellulose and reacted with MCA-5J11. All six proteins react strongly with this antibody. These constructs can be purchased from Novus Biologicals. The HGNC names for the actin isotypes are two γ gene products. γ-1 actin and γ-2, which are enteric and smooth muscle actins (ACTG1 and ACTG2). The single β actin is ACTB, and α-skeletal actin, α-vascular smooth muscle actin and α-cardiac muscle are ACTA1, ACTA2, and ACTC1.

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