New Recombinant Human Proteins and Antibodies

We have had a long time interest in the intermediate or 10nm filaments of the nervous system, antibodies to which are very useful cell type and developmental markers. There has also been considerable recent interest in the detection of these proteins as biomarkers of different kinds of CNS damage and disease. In the last few weeks we have manufactured large amounts of several of these proteins in recombinant form. These will be used as ELISA protein standards, for monoclonal antibody epitope mapping and for continued production of more antibodies. All of the proteins were made using the pET expression system, and were expressed in and purified from E. coli.  All are expressed from cDNAs encoding the full length human protein sequence, but were codon optimized for efficient E. coli, expression. We currently have neurofilament NF-L (catalog entry Prot-r-NF-L), vimentin (catalog entry Prot-r-Vim), peripherin (catalog entry Prot-r-Peri), GFAP (catalog entry Prot-r-GFAP) and α-internexin (catalog entry Prot-r-a-Int), and are producing other similar constructs on a routine basis, including those related to general neuroscience. We also introduce new monoclonal antibodies to GAP43, MCA-5E8 and MCA-3H14 and a new monoclonal antibody to microtuble associated protein tau MCA-5B10.