April 2016 News

We continue to release antibodies to Cas9, the key enzyme in the CRISPR gene editing system. These are RPCA-Cas9-SA and CPCA-Cas9-SA. These polyclonal antibodies recognize the Cas9 protein from Staphylococcus aureus, which is considerably smaller than the Streptococcus pyogenes derived Cas9. Since the two Cas9 enzymes are quite different in amino acid sequence our antibody to S. aureus does not bind S. pyogenes Cas9, and antibodies to the S. pyogenes form would not be expected to bind S. pyogenes Cas9. We also release a rabbit polyclonal antibody to the human neural stem cell marker Nestin, RPCA-Nestin. We release several biochemical preparations of major CNS proteins.  One is purified pig GFAP, Prot-m-GFAP-por, biochemically isolated from pig spinal cord. This preparation has post-translational modifications absent from our recombinant forms of the same protein based on the human and rodent sequence. These are our Prot-r-GFAP and Prot-r-GFAP-rat products respectively. We also release pure protein preparations of both bovine and porcine derived pNF-H, the phosphorylated axonal form of neurofilament NF-H. These are Prot-m-pNF-H-bov and Prot-m-pNF-H-por.