January 2016 News

Happy New Year and all that!! We release several more novel immunoreagents. There are no less than 6 different antibodies to complement C3 made against specific subdomains of this important molecule. Three were made against a recombinant form of the netrin domain of human C3 which is at the C-terminus of the α-chain. These are two mouse monoclonals MCA-6E8 and MCA-2B5 and a chicken polyclonal CPCA-C3-Net. Two were made against a recombinant construct including the human anaphylotoxin domain, MCA-6B1 and MCA-7C1. Finally MCA-5F2 was made against full length human complement C3 and binds an epitope in the center of the α-subunit. All work well on western blots and can detect C3 and various fragmented forms in blood samples and tissue extracts. We also release an extremely nice antibody to the heat shock protein HSP60 made in chicken, CPCA-HSP60. This stains mitochondria in a beautiful fashion and is a good western blotting standard as this antibody is extremely clean on western blots.These complement our monoclonal MCA-1C7 and a rabbit polyclonal RPCA-HSP60, both released late last year.