July 2015 News

We add yet more antibodies and recombinant constructs to our catalog. We release a rabbit polyclonal antibody to total MECP2, RPCA-Mecp2. MECP2 is an important transcription factor with particular activity in the nervous system. We have phosphospecific antibodies of MECP2 under development. We release an rabbit antibody to Green Fluorescent Protein, RPCA-GFP, which can be used to enhance the GFP signal or verify that a construct of the appropriate size has been expressed. We release a new chicken antibody to parvalbumin, CPCA-Pvalb. Parvalbumin in a small calcium binding protein concentrated in muscle and in certain CNS neurons.We also release a collection of recombinant human MAP2 protein constructs, covering almost all regions of this large molecule. These constructs are Prot-r-MAP2CProt-r-MAP2DProt-r-MAP2-P1Prot-r-MAP2-P2 and Prot-r-MAP2-P3. The constructs were prepared using the human DNA sequence which was codon optimized for expression in E. coli, from which were then purified. These are suitable for use as ELISA standards, for epitope mapping of antibodies or for the generation of novel region specific antibodies.