March 2017 news

We hope you are having a Happy New Year! And we release, you guessed, it more antibodies. There is a series of antibodies to the Ki-67 protein, antibodies to which are widely used as cell division and cancer marker. Ki-67 is a large molecule which is essential for the correct segregation of chromosomes during cell division. but is virtually absent from non dividing cells. Presence of the protein, detected by appropriate antibodies, can therefore be used to identify dividing cells in tissues and particularly to identify tumor cells in biopsy and tissue sections. We release two mouse monoclonal antibodies MCA-6G3 and MCA-6B4, a rabbit polyclonal RPCA-Ki67, a chicken polyclonal CPCA-Ki67. All were made against human recombinant protein constructs and all stain dividing human cells in tissue culture and sections cleanly. A goat antibody to the same protein GPCA-ki67, is in progress and will be available soon.