May 2015 News

We release more new antibodies. To complement our calbindin antibodies we now release a new antibody to calretinin. Calbindin and calretinin are small calcium binding proteins which are each found in subsets of neurons in the CNS, and good antibodies to them are therefore useful for the identification of specific neuronal cell types. The new mouse monoclonal antibody to calretinin is MCA-3G9. We went to the trouble of showing that this antibody does not cross-react with the related proteins calbindin, parvalbumin and secretagogin. We also introduce an antibody to fibrillarin made in chicken, CPCA-Fib, an excellent marker of nucleoli in a wide variety of cell types. This is an excellent complement to our widely used fibrillarin/Nop1p monoclonal antibody MCA-38F3.