News and Brain Cell Images

We went to the Society for Neuroscience 2014 meeting in Washington DC a few weeks ago, and presented our new antibodies, ELISAs, recombinant proteins and other products, which generated some interest. However the most interest seemed to be directed at our collection of high resolution images which we presented as 24″X36″ posters. We sold some of these and we had mentioned that we could also print these for use as Christmas wrapping paper. Well, we did this and the paper looks very nice, almost as nice as the posters. So we are now offering these for sale at reasonable prices. One sheet of 20″ X 29″ paper is $3.50 five is $14.00 and ten is $25.00. Shipping will be $6.00, irrespective of the number you order. We currently have two of these available, identical to our posters Image-2 and Image-7. We realize that it is too late for Christmas this year, but there is always next year, birthdays etc. The images are of high enough quality, despite the price, to make nice posters or wall decorations. We don’t have these two items in our on-line shopping cart yet, so just email us at if you are interested in these.