October 2015 News

We add two antibodies to the Heat Shock 60 (HSP60) protein, a major component of the mitochondrial membrane. These are the mouse monoclonal MCA-1C7 and a rabbit polyclonal RPCA-HSP60. Both are very clean and specific on western blots of crude extracts of cells and tissues and both stain mitochondria beautifully, as shown here. We release a new chicken antibody to 2′,3′-cyclic nucleotide 3′-phosphodiesterase (CNP), CPCA-CNP, an excellent marker of oligodendrocyes and their processes. This complements our previously released rabbit and mouse antibodies to this protein, MCA-3H5 and RPCA-CNP. We release an antibody binding to the C-terminal netrin-like domain of complement C3, MCA-5F2, the first of a series of antibodies to different regions of this large and important serum protein. This antibody can be used to track the α subunit of C3 and its many proteolytic fragments on western blots. We also release a monoclonal antibody to phospho-MECP2, MCA-2E2, which recognizes this important transcriptional regulator if it is phosphorylated on Ser421. Finally, we attended the Society for Neuroscience 2015 meeting in Chicago, where we displayed our wares in booth 1870, easy to remember as that is also the date of the Franco-Prussian war. We showed some of our immunocytochemical and immunohistochemical images and were pleasantly surprised at how popular they were, we sold well over one hundred. Some of these were high quality 24″ X 36″ glossy prints which are available for $25 and can be ordered online. We also displayed numerous 20″ X 29″ prints of some of the same images which we had produced by a wrapping paper company. These were very cheap to print so we only asked $5 for them- however they look great when framed. Since these are so cheap shipping would be a significant part of the total cost for online orders. As a result we have made a package of the 8 most popular of these, Poster-Col-1, which can be purchased for $40, shipping  included.