Neurofilament Light, NF-L protein, Cat# Prot-r-NF-L

Neurofilament Light, NF-L protein, Cat# Prot-r-NF-L

Neurofilaments are the 10 nm or intermediate filament proteins found specifically in neurons, and are composed predominantly of four major proteins called NF-L, NF-M, NF-H and α-internexin. NF-L is the neurofilament light or low molecular weight polypeptide and runs on SDS-PAGE gels at about 68 kDa. Antibodies to NF-L are useful for identifying neuronal cells and their processes in tissue sections and in tissue culture. NF-L antibody can also be useful in the diagnostics of neurofilament accumulations seen in many neurological diseases, such as Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) and Alzheimer’s disease. Mutations in the protein coding region of the human NF-L gene cause some forms of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (1).

recombinant human Neurofilament NF-L
Coomassie Brilliant Blue stained SDS-PAGE gel of various recombinant proteins. His-tagged human Neurofilament NF-L, was expressed and purified from E. coli BL21 using immobilized metal affinity chromatography. 1µg of protein was run on each lane, and the lane indicated with “NF-L” contains the Neurofilament NF-L protein. The other lanes show recombinant His-tagged Peripherin, α-Internexin and Vimentin as indicated. Protein molecular weight standards are in the first lane and apparent molecular weights are as indicated.

A cDNA encoding full length human neurofilament NF-L was inserted into an eukaryotic expression vector which adds an N-terminal in frame His-tag. This was transformed into E. coli and recombinant protein was purified in 6M urea using immobilized metal affinity chromatography. Purified protein is diluted to 1 mg/mL and is supplied in 6M urea.


1.  Mersiyanova IV, Perepelov AV, Polyakov AV, Sitnikov VF, Dadali EL, Oparin RB, Petrin AN and Evgrafov OV. A new variant of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 2 is probably the result of a mutation in the neurofilament-light gene. Am. J. Hum. Genet. 67:37-46, 2000.

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