Secretagogin, rabbit polyclonal, Cat# RPCA-SCGN-AP

Secretagogin, rabbit polyclonal, Cat# RPCA-SCGN-AP

Adult mouse olfactory bulb floating section stained with RPCA-SCGN-AP, our rabbit polyclonal antibody to secretagogin in red (1:1,000 dilution) and chiken polyclonal antibody to calretinin: CPCA-Calretinin  (1: 1,000) in green. Secretagogin is predominantly expressed in cells in external plexiform lay (EPL) and granular cell lay (GCL) in olfactory bulb. Secretagogin coexists with calretinin in some cells in GCL, so these cells appear yellow.  Secretagogin is found in both cell body and processes. Blue is a DNA stain.

 Blot of rat pancreas lysate probed with RPCA-SCGN-AP at 1:1,000. The antibody recognizes a clear band at ~27 kDa as expected.


Product name Anti-secretagogin
Description Rabbit polyclonal  to Secretagogin
Reference Code RPCA-SCGN-AP
RRID# AB_2572380
Molecular weight 27 kDa
Immunogen Full-length recombinant human secretagogin protein
Isotype IgG
Concentration Antibody is supplied as affinity purified antibody at 1 mg/ml
Species Reactivity Human, rat, mouse.
Applications Western blot, ICC/IF, IHC
Suggestions for use Western blots: 1:1,000-5,000
ICC/IF or IHC: 1:1,000-1:2,000

Secretagogin is a member of the EF-hand (E-helix-loop-F-helix-hand) superfamily of calcium-binding proteins. It was first cloned from pancreatic islets of Langerhans and neuroendocrine cells and is highly expressed in theses tissues (1). Initially it is thought to be restricted to neuroendocrine cells, but it is now evident that secretagogin is expressed in numerous brain regions (2,3). The expression pattern of secretagogin is not conserved from rodents to humans. While human brain reveals an expression maximum in the cerebellum, in rat and mouse brain by far the highest expression of secretagogin is found in the olfactory bulb . Secretagogin has been shown to be involved in insulin secretion from pancreatic beta cells and is a strong candidate as a biomarker for endocrine tumors (4), and might be  a useful biomarker for neuronal damage, stroke, and eventually psychiatric conditions (2,5-7).  Moreover, secretagogin has been hypothesized to exert a neuroprotective role in neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease (8).

This antibody was raised against human secrtagogin protein expressed in and purified from E.coli.


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