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Calculate molecular weight from a molecular formula:

This program will It was actually quite interesting to research how to make this program. The atomic weights for each atom used are from the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) web site here. This data gives average atomic weights based on average isotopic content on the planet earth, which can of course vary somewhat. The values, in Daltons, are H=1.00794, C=12.0107, N=14.0067, O=15.9994 and P=30.973761. These figures should give you far greater accuracy than you are likely to need, and the program actually rounds to the nearest hundredth of a Dalton.

Enter Number of Carbon Atoms:
Enter Number of Hydrogen Atoms:
Enter Number of Oxygen Atoms:
Enter Number of Nitrogen Atoms:
Enter Number of Phosphorus Atoms:

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