Hi, this is the first post in an occasional series which will appear on the EnCor website. It comes out of requests by various individuals who liked to get my writings on various topics, which I was reliably informed were sometimes informative, sometimes amusing and sometimes even accurate. This all grew out of journal clubs I used to run in the University of Florida, which were focused on cutting edge and significant research. In order to prepare people for these I used to send out an email with a pdf of the paper and a short synopsis of the work, why it was important and what were the possible implications. I could not help but make these emails extremely irreverent and I am told amusing. In fact many individuals wanted to get the emails but had no intention of ever going to the journal club. So hopefully I can continue in this tradition, periodically writing about the more amusing side of something that I find interesting and important. I will also, when I get round to it, post links to previous ramblings.