December 2011: We wish all our customers and business partners a Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Festivus or whatever else they celebrate this time of year! And a Happy New Year also! We also release a new monoclonal antibody directed against another disease related RNA binding protein. This is MCA-5H7, directed against the Ewing Sarcoma Breakpoint Region 1 (EWSR1) protein. EWSR1 is related in structure to TAF15 and TDP43, and all three proteins have been implicated in the etiology of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. We also release a new monoclonal antibody to Doublecortin, MCA-3E1, also known as DCX, an excellent marker of neuronal stem cells and developing neurons. We also release a new monoclonal antibody to microtubule associated protein 2- MAP2, MCA-5H11. This is an excellent marker of neuronal perikarya and dendrites. Finally our collaborator, Neuromics, reveals the “Backstory” on the founder of EnCor, Gerry Shaw on the 20th December 2011 entry of Neuromics.net.

November 2011: We release a new affinity purified antibody to Adenylcyclase III, RPCA-ACIII, an excellent marker of neuronal cilia. We also report our completely independent findings with two excellent products from Neuromics, namely their E18 Primary Rat Hippocampal Cells and their hN2 Human Neurons Discovery Kit. These kits contain live cells which were shipped to our lab, where we followed the Neuromics protocol and in both cases obtained beautiful cells with no problems. Details of some of our findings are here, for the hippocampal cells and here for hN2 cells.

October 2011: We release several more antibodies, including a high quality monoclonal antibody to TATA box binding protein-associated factor 2F (TAF15), MCA-4D71, a RRM domain protein related to Tar DNA binding protein 43 (TDP43) and recently implicated in the development of some forms of ALS. We release two new monoclonal antibodies to vimentin, MCA-2D1 and MCA-2A52 and several monoclonal antibodies to Microtubule-Associated Protein 2 (MAP2 – details in a few days). We have generated a novel mouse monoclonal to the engineered fluorescent protein Cherry, MCA-1C51. Cherry is related to Green Fluorescent Protein, and is used to track protein expression using fluorescent techniques. We also release a new mouse monoclonal antibody and high quality rabbit and chicken polyclonal antibodies to Growth Associated Protein 43 (GAP43), MCA-1E3, and CPCA-GAP43 and RPCA-GAP43. These GAP43 antibodies are excellent markers of neuronal and especially synaptic membranes.

August 2011: We release more information about our GFAP monoclonal antibody MCA-5C10, showing that it works well on standard formalin fixed and paraffin embedded brain sections, see here.

July 2011: We release novel high quality mouse monoclonal antibodies to the neuronal plasma membrane mmarker α-II spectrin, MCA-3D7, the Parkinson’s disease associated protein DJ1/Park7, MCA-4H4, the mammalian lectin Galectin-3, MCA-5C21, and a member of the 14.3.3 family of proteins which is very abundant in the nervous system, 14.3.3η (or 14.3.3 eta), MCA-3G12.

May 2011: We release yet more antibodies in the next few weeks, including a panel of alpha-II spectrin antibodies, antibodies to 14-3-3 eta, Doublecortin/DCX, DJ1, Tau, Galectin 3, chicken antibody to GAP43 and several more. We will post links to each new product over the next few weeks.

January 2011: We sign an agreement to supply immunoreagents to Biosensis, a vendor located in Thebarton, South Australia.