Baylor COM Search Launcher – Translate, Blast, all kinds of useful stuff
Biocomputing – Links to Programs at the Whitehead Institute
BLAST– Find protein and nucleic acid sequences related to yours
CLUSTAL– Multiple alignments of protein or nucleic acid sequence
EnCor Online Protocols– We have our own set of useful programs and protocols on-line
ExPASY server – Lots of online Swiss programs
Mail2Web.com – Useful web based free email access site
MolBiol.Net – Molecular Biology & Bioinformatics Compendium of useful programs
Prosite Motif and Domain search – At ExPasy
SMART – Find domains in your protein sequence- really excellent!
Web Cutter – Free Web based restriction mapper

Useful Science Sites and Databases

ACaenorhabditis elegans Database
Alzheimer’s Research Forum
American Type Culture Collection
Antibody Resource Page
Comprehensive Yeast Genome Database
G protein Coupled Receptor Database
Heidelberg EMBL
Keystone Symposia
Linscott’s Antibody Directory On Line