EnCor Biotechnology Inc.

Welcome to our Homepage! We are a company dedicated to making and characterizing the highest quality antibodies and ELISAs at reasonable prices!!


EnCor Biotechnology Inc.

We have supplied essentially every major antibody vendor with first class reagents for many years on an OEM basis. And now we can supply you directly.

What does OEM mean? It means we made, characterized and manufactured the reagents in house.

EnCor Biotechnology Inc.

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EnCor Biotechnology Inc.

Our images are world famous! Many have been used for advertising by other companies for posters, leaflets, product data sheets and other purposes. We are now making available high quality prints of some of our best images.


EnCor Biotechnology Inc.

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EnCor Biotechnology Inc.

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Welcome to our homepage!

Our goal is to be the leader in the development and commercialization of unique, well-characterized antibody reagents and ELISA type assays for academic, biopharmaceutical and clinical research. If we say that an antibody will work in a particular assay, rest assured that it will. We have also developed a series of validated ELISA type assays which can be purchased or which we can run for you on a fee for service basis. Since we make and manufacture all of the reagents we sell, we can also offer very competitive pricing!

Our Products

Most Popular Products

Our most widely used antibodies are markers of cell types, cell structures or recognize specific forms of damage or disease related events. Our all time best sellers are antibodies to MAP2, GFAP, ubiquitin, GAPDH, NeuN/Fox3 and mCherry.

Our Research

We run research programs in our company, focused mostly on blood and CSF biomarkers of CNS damage and disease states. Much of this work is supported by independent funding from the NIH, DOD and a host of other funding agencies.

New Products

Novel antibodies to Staphylococcus aureus Cas9, mouse monoclonal MCA-6H7, chicken polyclonal CPCA-Cas9-SA and rabbit polyclonal RPCA-Cas9-SA. Also a rabbit polyclonal antibody to Streptococcus pyogenes Cas9, RPCA-Cas9-AP and a mouse monoclonal, MCA-3F9 to the same protein.