August 2015 News

We release three new antibodies to 2′-3′-cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase (CNP), a major protein of oligodendrocytes in the central nervous system. Such antibodies are therefore excellent markers of oligodendrocytes, and, in the peripheral nervous system, Schwann cells. There are two mouse monoclonals MCA-1H10 and MCA-3H5 and a rabbit polyclonal, RPCA-CNP. All work strongly and specifically on blots and all can be used to identify oligodendrocytes in culture and in sections. We also release a new mouse monoclonal antibody to parvalbumin, a small calcium binding protein found in muscle and is certain neurons in the central nervous system. This antibody is MCA-3C9, and we also show that is does not cross-react with the related proteins calretinin or calbindin. We also release a novel mouse monoclonal antibody, MCA-6C6, to calreticulin, an important protein implicated in both calcium buffering and autophagy. This antibody works well on cells in tissue culture and on western blots and epitope for the antibody is the LIR peptide, which the the binding site for LC3 and Atg8 family proteins. Finally, on the 28th of August we presented some of our cell and tissue images at the Gainesville Arts and Crafts Show for the first time. This is monthly event and here is the Facebook page the show made about us. Although it was windy and rained, as it does this time of year in North Central Florida, this went surprisingly well, apparently pictures of antibody stained brain cells may have some artistic and/or commercial merit.